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4 mistakes that land clients with terrible roommates

Having been in real estate for 30 years as a licensed agent, I understand the desire an agent feels to help out and, more importantly, to look out [..]

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Trendspotting in real estate

How do you know what the next big trend will be …

Central Valley Real Estate News finds that only 1 of 4 likely homebuyers would make offer online

Calls from industry consultants for real estate agents and brokers to embrace technology can sometimes reach a deafening pitch. But although there’s no doubt that consumers are increasingly [..]

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The American city was built for cars — what will happen when they all leave?

Most of what we buy — bubble gum, blouses, books, baseball — is destined to last days, weeks, maybe years. But we think of houses as investments rather [..]

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Agent today, large broker tomorrow: How to do it

“The story of our firm’s brand is not some narrative a PR firm wrote up for us to peddle,” said J. Philip Faranda, who went from being a [..]

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Zillow invests in real estate team success with massive Premier Agent update

There’s a real estate team leader who uses a stock-market-like system to manage leads for his agents. He sits at a desk with two computer monitors to accommodate [..]

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Video listing of the day: A find for any Tampa house hunter

This nearly 4,000-square-foot luxury home has it all, and you don’t have to worry about deed restrictions or HOA fees. With a salt-water, solar-heated pool, crown molding and [..]

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Podcast: Real estate for the sensitive soul (part 2)

Make every stressful situation in the transaction less about you and more about the client and the solution. Want to be ultra successful? Be fascinated with your clients. [..]

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Luxury and top schools abound in Hillsborough

The wealth of its residents combined with an abundance of luxury homes, highly-touted schools and specific zoning make Hillsborough an exclusive town. Located roughly 17 miles south of [..]

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5 ways to grow your business with personality

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s easy to forget that real estate is still a people business. When asked, most agents will tell you the opportunity to meet and [..]

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